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Reader Question:

My fiance has a male friend exactly who keeps showing up out of nowhere to find transsexuals every few several months simply to make problems it seems. We trust this lady, but she are unable to apparently understand situations the guy does.

By way of example, New Year’s Eve, the guy asked her if she wished to arrive to his residence for a party. He knows we recently got involved but failed to ask me. She wouldn’t believe was unusual and she usually gives him the benefit of the doubt.

So is this cause for alarm?

-Robert (California)

Gina Stewart’s Solution:

While she might not have any nefarious purpose, she most likely loves the eye the guy offers this lady. It’s always great feeling wanted, regardless of your own commitment condition, appropriate?

But as an engaged lady, and then as an in fact married girl, she’s going to need to find out exactly how she interacts with males who aren’t the woman partner has yet another criterion.

If he just appears every several months plus they lack interactions beyond that, may possibly not end up being really worth the tension so it can have quality.

After you’re married, or if perhaps there’s any improvement in the high quality or frequency of these relationships, you’re warranted to produce this something you should be dealt with.

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